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punta-cana-businessThere is no better way for business people to gather and have a meeting while taking out some time for relaxation during their busy schedule of work. You can enjoy the ocean view in Punta Cana as well as the sun on our private catamaran while you cruise along the Bavaro coastline. We can actually make your business tours as good as a pleasure trip. You can both work and enjoy at the same time.

In addition to ocean sailing and wonderful view, you can also be snorkeling on a striking reef amongst hundreds of tropical fishes as you enjoy and relax amidst the beautiful locals with a drink in your hand. We have an exclusive international bar that keeps you happy during your meetings too. The Bavaro area is one of the unspoiled pieces of the Dominican Republic, and Punta Cana offers a view of undisturbed nature that helps you recharge yourself once again.

You would be amazed to see that the water is shallow and sheltered and is always welcoming. It is the perfect place for relaxation for all the busy executives and is perfect for conducting business meetings as well. We take care of everything else that you may require during your tours with us, such as your living comfort, food habits, relaxation facility and your lifestyle. Also, as you provide your time schedule, we create special events for you according to your business requirements.


Our mission is provide a top service in Punta Cana to our foreigner and local visitors. Come experience a pleasant sunrise or a sunset party on a boat where you can booze freely with loud music on.

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Mercado Artesanal Bibijagua | beside Barcelo Resort and Village Bavro, Punta Cana 20003, Dominican Republic