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Happy birthday to you! Celebrating your birthday on the ocean in Punta Cana with all your near and dear ones around you is the best thing you can possibly do! Allow us to cater to your birthday needs along with all other important events of your life. No matter how big or small the event is, we intend to give you the world class service needed to make these special moments even more special for you. Our tours will further enhance the enjoyment of your birthday party.

You can enjoy the company of all those people who make a difference in your life as you sail along the beautiful coast of Bávaro, Punta Cana. Experience many other activities with us such as the giant waterslide, playing in the ocean waters, snorkeling amongst the ocean wonders and many more activities. Partying in this beautiful location is simply picturesque and we try to make it an even better experience for you with perfectly arranged places for activities, dining, partying, listening to music and enjoying all the fun. When you are in a group, we try to take care of individual needs – our clients and their guests are equally important to us and we believe in taking care of all of them on board so that no one feels disappointed with our service. Our tours are well planned and excellently executed.

The breathtaking nature and beautiful waters of Punta Cana are something that you simply cannot take your eyes off of. Come one, come all and have a gala birthday party with us on the sea on our Punta Cana party boat. Bring your friends and family and allow them to experience a day full of thrill and enjoyment as you sail around the Bávaro coast. Our tours will compel you to come back to Punta Cana every season.